WDAG'97 Registration Information


More information, if needed, can be obtained via e-mail at <wdag97@mpi-sb.mpg.de>.

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How to Register

To register for WDAG'97, please fill in the attached registration form and mail it to the Conference Secretariat at the address below:

To: WDAG '97 SECRETARIAT: (Attn. Roxane Wetzel)
Address: Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik
Im Stadtwald
D-66123 Saarbrücken, GERMANY
FAX: +49-681-9325-999

Please note that:


The registration fees for WDAG'97 are as follows (the amounts are in German Marks (DM); consult the tables at http://www.xe.net/currency/table.htm, for exchange rates):

Regular Fee Student Fee (*)
Before August 22, 1997 435 DM 335 DM
After August 22, 1997 535 DM 435 DM

(*) Student fee: You will need to fill in the student certification form, have it signed by your advisor and send it together with the registration form.

The registration fee includes

Please note that the registration fee does not include your hotel accommodation, although we can make the reservation for you. (cf. the paragraph "Accomodation" below).

Cancellations: There will be a fee of 100 DM applied to cancellation requests received by September 5th. No refunds will be made to cancellations that are received later; no-show registrations will also be billed in full. In all the above cases you will receive the proceedings volume by mail.

Substitutions are possible free of charge; please notify the conference secretariat.

Ways of Payment

There are two options: (in either way you will get confirmation of your payment by e-mail and receipt of your payment when you are here):


We have limited funds for scholarships, which have been made available by the European Union ESPRIT LTR Project on Algorithms and Complexity in Information Technology (ALCOM-IT). Scholarships will be offered to students and young researchers (of age < 35) from ALCOM-IT sites and other Institutions in EU or EU-Associated countries.

The deadline for applying is the same as the early registration deadline, namely August 22, 1997.

If you wish to apply, please indicate so on the registration form and accompany your registration with:

This supplementary information for your Grant Application may be sent to the Conference Secretariat either by FAX (+49-681-9325-999 -please make sure that on your fax it is clearly indicated that it is for an application for scholarship for WDAG'97) or by e-mail (wdag97@mpi-sb.mpg.de).


A block of rooms at special rates for WDAG'97 has been reserved in hotels next to the old center of the town and within walking distance from the
IHK, the conference venue (cf. the map at http://www.mpi-sb.mpg.de/~wdag97/Local/mapf.gif ). Per-night prices including taxes and breakfast are as follows (the amounts are in German Marks (DM); consult the tables - http://www.xe.net/currency/table.htm- for exchange rates):

Single Room Double or 2-Bedded Room
Group I (Economy):
Hotels: City(***) Continental(**) Stadt Hamburg(**)
90-105 DM 120-130 DM
Group II:
Hotel Domicil Leidinger(***)
130 DM 170 DM

Please note that:

In case you wish to make reservations on your own at some other hotel, you may consult a www-page with a list of the Saarbrücken Hotels at http://www.mpi-sb.mpg.de/~wdag97/Registration/hotels.html (hotels marked as "central" are within walking distance from the conference venue).


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