11th International Workshop
on Distributed Algorithms

Saarbrücken, Germany
September 24-26, 1997

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Workshop Venue

WDAG'97 will be held in IHK , Saarbrücken.
The hotels are within walking distance from the station (approx. 15min) as well as from the IHK (approx. 15 min, too).
Check also the map at http://www.mpi-sb.mpg.de/~wdag97/Local/mapf.gif for the exact location of the IHK, the Cental Train Station of Saarbrücken and the Workshop Hotels.

How to Get to Saarbrücken

Saarbrücken is easily reachable: it is located on several main train and road routes.

Excellent international train information is available from a service by Hacon (in German and English); you can also check the French Railway page if you prefer.

Saarbrücken has its own international airport, Ensheim, but (if you need to fly at all) it may be more practical to use one of the big airports nearby, Frankfurt (the largest airport of Germany and one of the largest in Europe; serves all the big International Air Companies) Paris, Luxembourg and then take a direct train or bus to Saarbruecken.

It takes approx. 3.5 h hours by train to reach Saarbrücken from Paris-Est (Gare de l' Est; there are regular connections) and approx. 2 h. from Luxembourg main train station (there are trains every hour).

From Frankfurt Airport itself there are trains every hour that can take you to Saarbrücken; the train trip takes approx 2.5 hours to reach Saarbrücken (from the train station of the Airport) and costs approx. 55 (110) DM one way (round trip); check the international train information) www-page (use "Frankfurt Airport" to get the schedule of the airport station, because it is different from that of Frankfurt main station), or the www-page of the airport ( http://www.frankfurt-airport.de/); at the latter site, besides many other useful items (e.g. car rental, meeting points, assistance ...), you will also find detailed information about the the Lufthansa bus to Saarbrücken, which is another option that you can use (you do not have to fly with Lufthansa Airlines in order to be able to take this bus). Of course, when you are at the airport, you will be able to get all this information at the information desks.

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