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10th International Workshop on Distributed Algorithms

Bologna, Italy, October 9-11, 1996

1996 marks the 10th edition of the Workshop on Distributed Algorithms. It also marks a time at which the field of distributed computing is undergoing a major transition from being the domain of a small research community to that of industry and the public at large. Distributed computing is rapidly becoming the principal computing paradigm for doing business in widely-diverse areas, and their requirements present new opportunities and challenges for research in distributed algorithms.
WDAG is intented to be a forum covering all aspects of distributed algorithms for computation and communication. It is devoted both to the presentation of new research results and to the identification of future research directions. The tenth Workshop on Distributed Algorithms (WDAG) will be held in Bologna, Italy, home for superb cooking and cycling, and of the oldest university in Europe.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Algorithms for control and communication
  • Distributed searching, resource discovery and retrieval
  • Network protocols, applications and services
  • Fault tolerance and high availability
  • Real-time distributed systems
  • Algorithms for dynamic topology management
  • Mobile computing
  • Distributed intelligent agents
  • Issues in synchrony, asynchrony, scalability and real-time
  • Issues in replicated data management, consistency vs. availability
  • Security in distributed systems
  • Self stabilization
  • Wait-free algorithms
  • Techniques and paradigms for the design and analysis of distributed systems

Submissions should not exceed 6000 words in length (roughly 15 double-space pages with figures, using at least 11-point font and reasonable margins) including an abstract and 5 keywords. Submissions deviating significantly from these guidelines will not be considered, independent of technical merit.
The proceedings will be published by Springer-Verlag as part of the Lectures Notes in Computer Science series. There will be a strict 15-page limit for papers appearing in the proceedings.
Authors are strongly encouraged to submit their papers electronically. Detailed description of the electronic submission procedures are available in the WDAG'96 home page. Authors without web access may send e-mail to for a copy of the electronic submission procedures. Authors unable to submit electronically are invited to send 15 copies of their paper (printed double-sided, if possible) and a cover letter to one of the program co-chairs.