DISC 2008
September 22-24, 2008, Arcachon, France.
22nd International Symposium on Distributed Computing

Co-Located Workshops

The following workshops will be co-located with DISC:

  • Workshop of the COST Action 293 GRAAL - program here

  • Workshop of the COST Action 295 DYNAMO - program here

  • Workshop of the ANR/ARC projets FRACAS and MALISSE (on Thursday 25th)

    The FRACAS/MALISSE workshop focuses on issues related to fault-tolerance, malice-tolerance, and self-organization in sensor and wireless networks. The two projects are funded by INRIA and can be found at http://www.lri.fr/fracas and http://malisse.irisa.fr

    Morning session

    • 1. 10h: Luciana Arantes (Univ. Paris 6 & INRIA): Failure, Disconnection and Partition Detection in Mobile Environment
    • 2. 10h40 Seth Gilbert (EPFL): Overcoming Disruption in Wireless Radio Networks
    • 3. 11h20 Maria Gradinariu (Univ. Paris 6 & INRIA): Byzantine mobile robots
    • 4. 12h Guang Tan (IRISA & INRIA): Reliable Broadcast Tolerating Byzantine Faults in a Message-Bounded Radio Network

    Afternoon session

    • 1. 14h Mathieu Roy (Univ. Toulouse): Geo-registers: an abstraction for spatial-based distributed computing
    • 2. 14h40 Katy Paroux (Univ. Belfort & INRIA): Ascending runs in dependent uniformly distributed random variables: Application to wireless networks
    • 3. 15h20 Gilles Tredan (IRISA & INRIA): On the fly cryptography in sensor networks
    • 4. 16h Samuel Bernard (Univ. Paris 6): Self-stabilization in unidirectional networks

    16h40 discussion

The workshops will take place at the Palais des Congrès in Arcachon (as DISC).

To register to the above events, go to the registration page.


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